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Train Booking

Train Booking

IRCTC is one of the busiest websites and by offering the same services on the Autobotsonline platform, we achieved two objectives. Autobotsonline was able to now offer a complete portfolio of travel options to its customers from flights, hotels, holiday packages, car rentals to train reservations. Secondly, it gave customers a more seamless customer experience on its website, thus encouraging them to use the Autobotsonline platform for train reservations.

Autobotsonline wheeling in the best Meals on Train for your journey

From the moment you board the train until you get off at your destination, you are presented with a unique set of experiences. Taking you on a journey of experiences, train rides are memorable to a number of you. The climb to the top most berth, the high pitched musical announcement that chai is nearby along with all the other vendors verbally advertising their food items, are all experiences you can guarantee never to see when travelling by any other mode of transport. But there is one experience that makes countless travellers wary. The food. One end of the worry is about whether the food you get will be prepared in a hygienic manner or not and be safe for consumption and if it is, whether the menu will feature the kind of food you are craving to eat. For those of you who are familiar or frequent travellers will know that the train food service has a standard menu. And if you are new to this and crave for something other than what the list has to offer, you don’t need be sitting on your birth praying for food delivery in trains.

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How to book Tatkal tickets online?

Through IRCTC Tatkal booking, users can proceed to make their reservations online a day before the train is slated to depart from the source station. When logging into the IRCTC account for making last-minute bookings, Tatkal ticket timing is a crucial factor that has to be kept in mind as it is all about the time. The Tatkal reservation timing for air-conditioned coaches begins at 10 am and for non air-conditioned coaches begins at 11 am. After logging into the IRCTC account at the said time, fill in the journey details including the source and destination and proceed to selecting Tatkal as the quota and submit all the details. Checking the Tatkal ticket availability is essential as the Tatkal quota may be unavailable for certain trains or locations. Another important factor to considered is that certain extra charge is levied on Tatkal tickets, in addition to the base fare and is a said percentage of the base fare. This charge varies depending on the class of travel. A maximum of four tickets can be booked per PNR. Once a confirmed Tatkal ticket is cancelled, there is no refund for the same.

Premium Tatkal Booking

Premium Tatkal is a special additional feature introduced by the Indian railways and is an online-only feature. The advance reservation period and online booking timings under Premium Tatkal quota are the same as that of regular Tatkal booking timings online. However, the only difference between the two quotas is that Premium Tatkal booking is characterized by dynamic fare pricing unlike regular Tatkal quota where the Tatkal charges are fixed per class.

How To Check PNR Status online?

PNR, the abbreviated form for passenger name record of the Indian Railways, is a unique ten digit number through which you can avail all necessary travel information against your ticket. The PNR status shows the status of your booking, whether your ticket is a confirmed one or not, if you are still on the waiting list or your ticket is under RAC (reservation against cancellation). In order to check PNR status, you simply need to enter the PNR number on the Indian Railway PNR status search bar and click on the submit button. It will help you get all the relevant information.